X-Art Jenny & Marilyn Move Together Blonde Lesbians

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Have you ever been getting dressed for a night out with your roomate and one of you is showering and one is putting on make-up and then you end up staying in and having wild sex at home until you both have about 20 orgasms?


Oh, wait... it must be mostly guys reading this.

Anyway, I guess just because it's happened to me, doesn't mean it happens to everyone. But, if you want to watch and see what WOULD happen, should you find yourself in this situation. Press play, or join first and then download and or stream the 4K video (along with 1000's of other exclusive videos). Unlimited downloads & streaming that never expire. You'll feel like you are right there with us, uh them! 

Please only access X-Art videos here. Everywhere else they are stolen and the models need to pay their rent too. Thank you SO much (country music for you Kenna and Franzi ;-) xoxo Love, Colette 

PS. Let me know how you guys like the intro music I added here. See you INSIDE

Sep 27, 2020

featuring Jenny

Up to 4k Ultra HD