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Three is NOT a Crowd

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Seth is busy working. And Nikki is feeling REALLY horny. She tries to excite him with her perfect body and sexy lingerie, but it's no use. Can you believe it? 

Lucky Nikki forgot she invited her HOT friend Charity over. She quickly gets Charity to agree to a threesome and strips her down to her panties.

Now Seth decides to take notice. I mean isn't a threesome what every guy wants? And who could resist two of the hottest 22 year olds on the planet!

So Seth goes from work, to working it. The girls climb on top and suck his cock. Then they take charge and take turns riding him. Finally he is hot and decides to participate. A LOT of steamy sex later and he cums all over them.

Mission accomplished for Nikki. When in doubt, bring a friend. Remember that girls and guys. XOXO Colette 

PS. Lots more new models and new content comig. We finally have internet after the Malibu fires! The two new models here are Nikki Peaches and Charity Crawford

Dec 20, 2018


HD Video up to 1920x1080p