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Return of the Pussy Cat Burglar

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Jillian the Pussy Cat Burglar is back. This time the lithe, gorgeous blonde dazzles her date with her conversation, her come-fuck-me-smile, and some skillful lifting of cold cash when he is out of the room. But sexual desire goes both ways this night, and what is Jillian to do when the dough is stashed in her bra? Not to worry. Our Pussy Cat Burglar knows she can suck a guy's cock so good that he will be thinking with his little head, not his brains. She's got the money on her mind but her target is distracting her, what will happen. Does she get away? Hopefully our little villan gets to leave with both cum and cash! XOXO, Colette

Sep 30, 2016

featuring Jillian

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