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Rainbow Dildo Lesbian Orgasms

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 Kendall and I were pouring some wine to watch the sunset. We were also chatting about hot girls to shoot as always.   

Kendall had seen Lolita previously and was intrigued as to her performance skills. So we invited her over. They took a bottle of bubbly champagne and  headed straight to the jacuzzi. Kendall didn't waste anytime, she brought out all the toys for a really good challege for Lexi (uh, I mean Lolita!)

Kendall’s likes the rainbow dildo for the colrs, but she needed Lolita to love the  little pink vibrator. Watch these two show us how they get hot, horny and begging for more:-)) . Do you think Lexi or Lolita passed Kendall's text? Watch and learn! 4K HD Exclusive, Cinematic and SO HOT! xoxo Colette

PS Beauty is everywhere xx

Oct 16, 2018

featuring Nella Jones | Lolita

Up to 4k Ultra HD