Private Strip Tease

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Have you asked your partner for a New Years treat yet? Seth asked Nikki for a private strip tease (and not like the movie with Demi Moore, although she was kind of hot with the cool music in that one :-)

So Nikki, peach that she is strips down, puts on her favorite tunes and works it until Seth can't resist.

Then it turns out into an all out fuckfest. And Nikki being a gymnast a yoga Goddess, well we can't wait to have her back! She is the "woman-child" from the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Song! 

"I have been around the world, looking for that woman-girl.." Well you've found her! Watch and weep or cum. Your choice. xoxo LOVE, Colette and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hope it's starting out great for everyone! It's rainy here, so no better thing to do; except watch all of our stunning exclusive girls and sex scenes on X-Art! 1000's of 4K videos, that never expire, with no download limit. Join our family in 2019 and experience what erotica, sex and passion should be like! It will change your life for the better. Also cool stuff from Nella and I (only for members coming) we get crazy! And we are planning on inviting Nikki over too! LOv e, Colette & Nella & Nikki

Jan 07, 2019

featuring Nikki Peaches

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