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Erotic Stretching & Sex

8.8 / 10 (454 votes)

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HD Video: Caprice and her boyfriend Mark have been a huge hit on the erotic circuit in Europe. Think Cirque du Soleil but with lots of naked people. Mark (Markus actually) is an aerialist of the finest caliber and a star in his own right. He is also one of the nicest guys on the planet. Makes sense why Caprice (definitely one of the nicest, coolest and of course most beautiful girls I've ever known) would have chosen him. Well you can see them around Europe at various erotic fairs but you can ONLY see them making love on X-Art. They are one of our exclsuive dream couples! I think it's really cool to watch two people who are truly in love sharing their awesome bodies and heightened emotions with us and our members. I'll put the HD Video up from this set early. I really think men, woman and couples will enjoy it. I just love to love these two! Seriously HOT...

Sep 08, 2013

featuring Caprice

HD Video up to 1920x1080p