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I Saw an Angel HDV

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Enjoy this 5 minute full HD erotic video!

18 year old Carlie runs her hands over her gorgeous slender body as she takes off her white cotton t-shirt. Her long, skinny fingers move slowly and intently, sliding inside the elastic waistband of her panties... finding their way towards the warmth.

Carlie wets her fingers with her tongue and caresses her nipples gently. Her hands glide along her tight stomach and find their way to that special spot. She finds that her fingers taste even better once they've been inside.

Carlie slips out of her striped pink & white panties as she reclines on couch. Wearing only a pair of pink knee-high socks, she explores the soft pink folds of her eager little pussy.

A telltale drop of moisture forms at the opening, as her nimble fingers move faster and faster. She bites her lip as her eyes roll back as a wave of pleasure overcomes her...

Jan 29, 2010

featuring Carlie

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