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Leah Gotti

  Leah Gotti

Leah Gotti

9.4 / 10 (375 votes)

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Petite Leah Gotti is stunning with her red hair, green eyes and a fuck-me-now attitude that both men and women love. Don't let her adorable good looks and youth fool you. This college coed is an accomplished swimmer and gymnast who knows exactly how to use her athletic body to give and receive total pleasure. And here's a bonus for you guys: Most girls like sucking cock, but Leah absolutely loves it. This teenager already has a deep throat technique that can make any man explode. Practice makes perfect, and Leah is known to partake in the occasional Gang Bang with multiple guys when she feels like it. And her tender sexuality when licking pussy is something to behold. Wish they all could be California Girls like Leah.

Age: 20

Country: USA