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Katie Jayne

breasts, blonde, blonde Katie Jayne

Katie Jayne

7.1 / 10 (24 votes)

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Katie Jayne is your all around blonde bombshell! She has enormous, natural breasts, huge brown, bedroom eyes, a stunning ass and pretty blonde hair. And if her looks aren't enough to make you melt, she is also smart as a whip. She is funny, sweet, organized , can cook, loves animals and children. But most of all our Katie LOVES SEX! I know she is a little different than most of the super skinny fashionistas yo9u see on the site. But how about we all welcome our little nymphette with the body of a Botticelli and watch just what she can do with it! Seriously don't miss out on this girl. Even you thought you didn't go for blondes, you could be wrong...xoxo Love, Colette & Nella

Age: 24

Country: United Kingdom