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X-Art Charlie Red & Lovita Lesbian Love


X-Art Charlie Red & Lovita Lesbian Love

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If you thought Charlie Red was a tomboy, well you'd be right and wrong. She basically is super athletic and just loves sex. We've seen her in some really hot videos with men. But somehow watching her with Lovita almost feels like we're there. 

It's so secret and intimate. And of course HOT! Watch the 4K video, but warm up with the photos. I promise you won't be dissappointed. This is one of my current favorite girl/girl couples! And guys, I know I've been promising a bunch of new content and live streaming too. Please don't give up on me. I am working on some awesome shoots and the programming and more surprises! New BG 4K video with Mia tonight! xoxo

No matter what, it's not that bad. Lose yourself for a while. Love, Colette 

Date: Nov 12, 2020

Model(s): Lovita | Charlie

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