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Watch Me Cum


Watch Me Cum

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Katrina slips out of her clothes and gets between the sheets, snuggling up next to you. She purrs like a kitten as your hands gently caress her smooth skin.

Her knees fall open, inviting you to explore. Your tongue finds her sweetest spot, like honey. Her hips rise up to meet you and she let's out a quiet moan.

She climbs on top of you, eager to return the favor. You swell as she takes you all the way inside her warm, pink throat.

Neither one of you can wait another second. You do what feels right... pushing just the tip inside her. In, then out, until you're all the way inside.

Katrina's eyes look like heaven as she fucks you. You can't wait to watch her cum...

Date: Oct 06, 2009

Model(s): Katrina

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