Tiffany's Tight Ass


Tiffany's Tight Ass

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OK Everyone: last one before the new content starts rolling in. Hopefullt not like the mudslides. But if you haven't watched this and the rest of the 1000's of 4k videos on our site, start from back to front and just imagine how AWESOME it will be in 2019! Thank you for suppporting us through the fires. I hope I could entertain you while you wait on all the new content. Email me at [email protected] with any questions xoxo Colette 

Attention X-Art lovers of our one and only original Tiffany: We have an AMAZING surprise for you! (if you enjoy first times and/or back door love), you've come to the right place. This is EXCLUSIVELY for X-Art (soon to also be featured for members on our new site (but we wanted to get this scene to our loyal members now). Tiffany wanted to try and decided she was ready to explore her oh-so-tight ass. This video alone is worth the cost of joining. Watch her lucky boyfriend of 10 years get his first try on camera. Cum inside.

Date: Dec 09, 2018

Model(s): Tiffany

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