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The Tightest Blonde


The Tightest Blonde

8.3 / 10 (79 votes)

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"Pink Violet" was standing in the hallway of her vacation villa feeling really horny. A pink violet is such a rarity as is "Pink's" pussy. As she ponders what a nice sexual encounter could do for her mood a sexy Euro guy saunters in. Their eyes lock and that's when the story begins. The passion is so ripe you could eat it (kind of gross but true). Watch as these two devour each other and at the end of this enchanted display are they even left? Or just exhausted deflated souls, waiting for the next endorphin producing encounter. Purely physical, but there is poetry in such perfection. Don't think. Do. Love, Colette

Date: Oct 16, 2017

Model(s): Pink Violet

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