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Susie Up Close And Personal


Susie Up Close And Personal

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Susie was booked for a solo fashion  shoot. As we all know Susie has been one of the most sought after Erotic models in the world! So recently when her naturally horny nature took over the "fashion shoot" turned naughty! She saw a man walk by and instantly decided she wanted to incorporate him in.

With her perfect body and sweet face the man certainly wasn't going to say no. So then the Kissing, And Fucking in a variety of positions turned our fashion masterpiece into an erotic explosion! Oh and Susie loves 69, it's her favorite position if you were wondering.
So let gorgeous Susie seduce you. She will even if you don't want her to. And don't forget to check out her entire portfolio in the model section. Susie's "body of work" is smoking hot. Love, Colette (and Susie)

Date: Aug 01, 2017

Model(s): Susie

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