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Sucker for Pussy


Sucker for Pussy

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"I always like to have something in my mouth," barely legal Francesca smiles, "it doesn't matter what it is... anything to keep my mouth from feeling empty."

The petite, adorable blond giggles and smiles, "I love lollipops."

Francesca parades around in her panties swinging her pigtails over her bare breasts. She slowly touches her nipples, teasing them with the soft, silky tips of her hair.

Francesca brings a round, rainbow lollipop up to her lips. She slowly flickers her tongue against the hard candy surface, savoring the sweet, sticky flavor.

"Wait till you see what I have planned for dessert!" she beams, brightly.

She kicks off her panties, spreading her legs. Pulling from her candy collection, Francesca reveals the main event: a 12 inch, spiraling stick of hard sugar. She twists the candy up inside herself. When she pulls it out again, it's glazed and shiny from her juices.

"What can I say," She moans softly and smiles, "I'm a sucker for candy. What are you a sucker for?"

Date: Jun 27, 2008

Model(s): Francesca

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