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Stripping With My Black Cock


Stripping With My Black Cock

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Jenna is back visiting us and looking hotter than ever. I can't believe we have been shooting her for so long and she has NEVER looked more stunning! My friend makes resin artwork. You can see some of them on my instagram @colette_pelissier (the ice cream cones).

Well she decided to make some resin dildos with sparkles and pearls of course! Except they are huge. Of course two of my favorite models Jenna and Nella went for the biggest and glitteriest of the bunch! The resin artwork will be available for sale (unwashed or washed) your choice. Jenna uses a big black and multi-color glitter sculpture to make herself cum over and over and then Nella takes a huge long translucent clear one and gives Jenna a run for her money! I don't think I posted the Nella scene yet, but I will. Lots and lots of new content on the way! 

Love, Colette (PS. Thank you Jenna for being so AMAZING!)

Date: Jan 22, 2019

Model(s): Jenna

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