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Prelude to an Orgy


Prelude to an Orgy

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Red-haired beauty Faye got a little jealous (and horny) when she saw Leila and Mr. X having sex on the beach.

"It's my turn to get fucked," she said in her soft, sweet-as-honey voice.

Faye sits down on the couch next to Mr. X. He grabs her and pulls her close, her dress slips off her shoulders, revealing her incredible breasts and puffy nipples.

He kisses the tender white skin on her neck, his hands find their way to her breasts, and their lips draw closer.
He pulls her white panties to the side and she raises her legs high in the air, daring him to fuck her.

With one hand, he spreads her pussy open and pushes his cock inside her.

"Oh Fuck!" she said. Her eyes roll back in pleasure.

When Faye was just about to cum, Leila came quietly into the room and sat down across from them. She was completely naked, and smiling.

Leila started masturbating as Faye and Mr. X looked on. The excitement was too much. They all came - loud and hard...

Date: Jan 07, 2011

Model(s): Faye

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