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Piano Concerto


Piano Concerto

4.8 / 5 (102 votes)

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Have you ever listened to a piano concerto that was SO beautiful that you closed your eyes and it was like you were elevated to another planet. Like you were literally having a musical orgasm right then and there in your seat? I have. But maybe I love music more than most of our members.

Regardless, James and Elena have such mind blowing sex it's like watching one of the great masters arias come to a rising climax. The way the touch each other and the anticipation of what will occur is every bit as entertaining as watching "The Three Tenors" and besides just looking at Elena is looking at a work of art who knows not her own beauty. Maybe all a bit poetic and indulgent but all completely true. Watch and you'll see. And watch here (don't steal) Thank you. Bravissimo!
Love, xoxo Colette

Date: Aug 30, 2017

Model(s): Elena Koshka

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