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Marilyn Sugar X-Art Memorial Day Sex

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Hi Everyone! Coco Here! You've probably noticed the updates have been slow. Due to the pandemic and Brig & I being stuck in a litigation with these fraudsters trying to get possession of our home which we have owned and based out of for 8 years! We have title to our property and seems like it will work out, but it's been non-stop filing and legal fees, and trauma like we have never experienced.

The feeling of being out of control and not understanding why and how something could happen to you is overwhelming. When all we want to do is work, travel for shoots, finish coding all the upgrades and put up the NEW live streaming option that will be way cooler and a better deal, than any other place where content creators, models, artists, photgraophers can all get together and connect via real time HD LIVE STREAMING VIDEO! , that will be after this multi year long conflict finally ends.

We thought our attorneys were handling it. I actually had to take the entire last month to figure out what had been happening. This group of Mormon men, (who obviousy do not like any erotic content) had already recorded a "Trustee's Deed Upon Sale" on our property. When you record a deed and someone searches the address on the internet the last perosn recording the deed shows up as owner. Even if they haven't actually foreclosed or transferred title aka ownership via a legitimate transfer. A deed is a vehichle to transfer title to real property. 

These guys had tried to impersonate Malibu Media, setting up a phoneline, office and bank account with address at 555 Corporate drive. I won't say the city. But if anyone gets communication from that address, it is not us and please email me at [email protected] ASAP. And they listed themselves as Malibu Media LLC as if it were their business.

If anyone has ever heard of someone trying to take summary posession of a property (not title, not on the title, just possesion) by changing the name on the deed (which the clerk will record and not check for accuracy). Then they change the address info on your mortgage and propoerty taxes. But when you call the title company and they pull the chain of title, you can see that you still own the property. Especially if you need to travel often for work. Basically, they run around with a deed that shows the fraudsters name and try and get a writ of possession. If you don't have lawyers messing up and you have title to your property (even if you have a loan) the chain of title that you order from your title will show that. So first thing to do , is order your title report and send that in with the answer to the fake unlawful detainer. If you have a lawyer, make sure they DO NOT try to litigate an unlawful detainer. So if anyone is a real estate attorney or a good attorney or sheriff, police in Malibu/LA please contact me. I think I have it all figured out. I don't know if our members know we saved for 10 years to buy our home and the lot next door to build on. The WORST kind of people are those who take advanatge of someone's good fortune from hardwork or someone's misfortune.

Please subscrbe, if you are not a member already and help us with our battle.

We have spent 7 figures already defending our home and I don't want to even say on the front page how bad this has been. 

BTW, This is Marilyn Sugar. I'll add her model page and the other missing models. But please read on the next page so this doesn't happen to anyone else and maybe one of our members or someone browsing the site, may be able to help. We love all of you and are so grateful for your loyalty over the years. WE have never reached out for help of any kind before. 

It started with buying our dream house in 2013, then the crooked developer talked us into buying the lot next door too. Even though we bailed him out of foreclosure twice on his other projects, he decided to take back the lot when the developer carry was up, even though we had approved plans and were ready to pay him off the little left. That transaction was full of lies and we have to file a suit against him for millions of dollars, but lawyers have been so expensive and make so many mistakes. I literally buried myself online in real estate law and have figured it all out. Instead of being left in the dark, you can learn anything online.

What caused us to lose the lot are these predatory lenders, who were looking to be business managers, hard money loans and wanting to build the lot project. Above all to get a windfall and take money from people who make it. A huge house, infinity pool looking at the ocean. It was going to be X-Art Nirvana! It still can, but somewhere else.

So long story short, they paid themselves directly from our business and then recorded names on the note of our property, of people who may even be dead, but no one had or has a lenders license and the company on the note had been forfeited yeras ago (aka cant do business, nor buy/sell real estate) . We took them to court and won, based on fraud, extortion etc. Then they purported to have forecosed on something else. They did not. They had put the names of two people we had never heard of on the note again (as owners of our home). Instead of the lawyers just sending the title copy to the court and getting a restraining order.

They had an associate (instead of just filing the boilerpplate answer to the UD and attach the title). This was last October during Covid. The lawyers filed a motion to quash based on service and a demurrer, and argued with the criminals extremely sneaky attorney who worked for the mortgage companies when many people lost everything in 2008, 2009 etc. They then filed a notice for Summary Possession in front of a Commissioner (not a judge a commisioner like the kind who sits in small claims or traffic court, who didn't know the difference between a DEED and Duly Perfected Title.) Which is critical in Unlawful Detainer: because to be unlawfully detaining something, you must prove ownership. Only the title shows ownership. A deed is an intent to transfer ownership, if not transferred withing 3 months, the deed is usually retracted. Commissioner's name is Julia Synder if anyone wants to lodge a complaint against her in Ventura County, Ca.

Our lawyers didn't show our title. I begged them to let me handle it as I had the harrassing UDs from these horrible people and sent them back with title and I've had my real estate license for over a decade. 

Fast forward 6 or 7 months later. And 8 sheriff's show up at our house in Malibu 30 minutes after my little dog that I had for 20 years had passed away. I was SO sad. They said if it had been a UD post foreclosure sale we would have had rights. But the sheriff's said it wasn't and that they had a writ of possesion from the owners (that would be US)! They refused to look at our title report or call the title office. They had the county deed that means nothing and a writ that this commisioner had given them. We read the transcript and she said in it that she realized that they hadn't proven title and in the next few breathes, said "since the title is duly perfected" meaning they held clear title. Which they didn't and still don't. Even worse they are not letting us inside to get our things, based on another fake default judgement. Negligent lawyers, can be a healthhazard!

So we will be going to court and filing everything we can. They hope we'll appeal and lose jurisdiction, so they can rent our home out for 2 years, or that we can't pay the mortgage there and not live there and we let it foreclose and sue the lawyers for malpractice. Which isn't great either, because the lawyers are actually nice people and we love our house and have put so much time and work into it.

We literally had to leave with a few small suitcases and the body of my dead pet. So many of our things are inside. Even furniture from my home growing up.

Please respond if anyone has ever heard of such a thing? We'll be getting the property back and with damages. But they are even trying to illegally hold or selling the majority of our possessions. Horrible people who let religion make them hate sex, but lie, cheat and steal. 

IF YOU ARE A LAWYER, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OR ANYONE WHO CAN HELP US GET TO THE MEDIA. OR CAN CONTACT THE MEDIA, please do not hesitate to contact me or whatever you can do to help. It would be a GREAT STORY, HOMEOWNERS AND (CREATORS OF X-ART.COM) WHO HOLD TITLE TO THEIR $20M Malibu Mansion are EVICTED ON A SUMMARY POSSESSION ORDER from a MORMON commissioner WHO ADMITS SHE GRANTED POSSESION OF THE CINEMA EROTICA CREATORS'S HOME based on the fact that we would be 'fine without our home' and it's not as bad for us as for others? Who says such a thing?! It may actually be worse for us, becasue we invested so much.

(I have the title and the transcripts) and anything else you could need. 

Thank you ALL so much for reading. We will fix, this. But don't let it happen to you! And any help is appreciated. 


Date: May 30, 2021

Model(s): Lolita

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