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Little Sister


Little Sister

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Alexis is 18 years old, but she knows exactly what she wants.

"I like to be admired..." Alexis whispers.

Standing in the nude, Alexis moves to the window and turns the blinds.

"I'd like to tease that man who lives in the building across the street from me," Alexis giggles, "I know he's out there, staring... I don't mind."

She climbs up on the sill, sliding her bottom until her back rests against the window frame. She picks her legs up and squeezes her knees together.

Alexis waves out the window, and blows her voyeur a kiss. She stands up pushes her breasts up against the glass, enjoying the feeling of the hard, cold surface against her nipples.

"I get so turned on... watching you... watching me."

Date: Apr 11, 2008

Model(s): Alexis

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