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Happy Couple Plus One


Happy Couple Plus One

8.8 / 10 (40 votes)

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If. you like blondes, this is one of the hottest 4k videos and photo sets of a threesome you'll ever see! I can't tell if the girls like each other more or all three are just so into it! These horny teens were a complete joy to work with! The girly girls loved the gold wallls pf the location and insited and the pink bows! Watch and tell me what you think! I think it is HOT! 

Some models are heading with us to Spain if we can all get past the quarantines! Wish us luck! I'm uploading three new videos for our members to add to their exckusive library that you can only legaly watch on X-Art, Colette, eroticVideos and superhot (specific model pages growing) including Nancy Anastasia, Sybil and Natasha, who is a dream. Chart up Natasha and get private custom videos.

And I just saw on of Nancy's customs. That guy got way more than he paid for. But, have no fear, one price aqnd you can download and stream for $40/month (or less) unlimited streaming and downloads never expire, so if you want to keep a huge beautiful collection of eroticaq on a drive or computer no problem! it doesn't cost you a penny more. No stolen videos or download limits like othetr sites. No ads, only exclusive, fashion and top models or girls I meet.

First watch this one and the 4K video! I'm also upadting my picks weekly beacause there are so many I want you to watch and love out of 2000 plus videos :-)  Thank you for sticking with me and the girls for so long. We truly love and appreciate our members and it will only get better. Just see. Thank. you SO much! xoxo Love, Colette 

Date: Oct 02, 2020

Model(s): Vicky

60 Images at up to 4000 pixels