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Fashion Model Bikini Lesbians


Fashion Model Bikini Lesbians

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Everyone knows most girls are bisexual (they do right?). Sophie really loves the softer sex and Nella, a stunning fashion model has only just had her first experience . So Sophie shows her how awesome an orgasm from another woman can be; each other s cumming HARD, multiple times! This was after she had about 15 orgasms with Kenna James in the threesome video (look it up and watch it under Nella's profile) Guys, if you want to learn just how to make a beautiful girl cum? Look no further, watch and learn my loves. Your ladies won't be dissappointed, no matter if you are man or woman or anyone in between! #pride , sex and love ~ Colette XOXO xxx See you on the flip side

PS. Please join to support our work, we are getting ready to upload a whole bunch of new videos, after the Malibu fires relocated us! xx Colette & Nella & Brig 

Date: Nov 29, 2018

Model(s): Nella Jones | Sophie Sparks

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