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Cum Like Crazy


Cum Like Crazy

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In this erotic masterpiece, super-cute brunette Katka gives her boyfriend an incredible blowjob and then fucks him until he cums like crazy, all over her beautiful stomach!

The set begins with Katka wearing lacy white panties. Her boyfriend slips off her panties and pushes his dick down her throat.

Katka smiles and giggles as she sucks his hard cock. He turns her over and takes her, doggy-style. She then mounts him and slides his cock all the way inside.

Katka bites her top lip as she has a mind-blowing orgasm. He lifts her legs over her head and fucks her like never before. Katka sticks her tongue out as he sprays his cum all over her body... Unbelievable!

Date: Jul 02, 2010

Model(s): Katka

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