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Summer Vibe


Summer Vibe

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Prepare yourself to fall madly in love when you see this photo set of Caprice shot in the Caribbean.

Caprice starts this set wearing a form-fitting, tummy-revealing top and matching grey cotton panties.

The photos reveal an irresistible mix of Natalie Portman, a young Penelope Cruz, and the 'girl next door'.

Caprice lifts off her top and raises her arms overhead, showing off her perfectly round, jutting breasts. She looks just like a fashion model - even prettier, in fact.

Her panties fall to the floor and her fingers slowly find their way to the wet spot that's formed between her legs. The sun beats down on her bronze skin, pulled tight across her small but well-proportioned frame.

Finally Caprice makes the most of the warm summer air. She grabs a vibrating 'wand' and begins to play with herself. Next stop - orgasmic ecstasy!

Date: Jan 26, 2011

Model(s): Caprice

144 Images at up to 4000 pixels