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Luscious Lips


Luscious Lips

2.5 / 5 (734 votes)

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When we say "Luscious Lips" we're not talking about the pair on her face!

Tara has one of the most gorgeous pussies we've ever seen and her lips are absolutely divine. Actually, this girl has gorgeous everything!

She strips out of her pretty white lace bra and panties, daring you to look. She's positively feline as she stretches languidly across her bed, arching her body proudly. She knows how perfect she is and she wants you to appreciate it.

By the end of the session she's really hot, she fingers herself and spreads herself open so you can see all the way inside. Tara loves to torture you, she wants you to want her. Someone should teach her a lesson!

Date: Nov 08, 2010

Model(s): Tara

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