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Love to Love You

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In this HD video, Karina and her lucky boyfriend enjoy having sex on a sultry summer afternoon - while you watch!

Dylan was sitting by the pool checking his email when Karina walked up wearing a summer dress. She wanted his attention, which didn't take long.

As they started kissing, Karina noticed the bulge in his pants. She flashed a big smile and looked into his eyes as she pulled his pants a bit lower.

Karina doesn't have a lot of experience with oral sex, but Dylan really didn't mind. She still loved watching her pretty face as she playfully licked his cock.

Dylan returned the favor, getting down on his knees to taste the wetness between her legs.

Karina removed her dress and pulled him up, encouraging him to enter her from above. The feeling of their soft smooth flesh touching sent waves of pleasure up her spine...

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