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Want To Fuck My Wife?

blonde  Nancy Karl Want To Fuck My Wife?

Want To Fuck My Wife?

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Nancy applies lipstick while wearing bra and panties that reveal her spectacular figure. Karl pours them some red wine in the kitchen with visions of The Perfect Fuck dancing in his head. Nancy takes a sip while we drink in her blue eyes, full lips and those spectacular tits bursting to be free. Then she slithers across the table and lets him indulge his foot fetish while she laughs. Her husband slips off her panties. God, her tight pussy and ass are wonderful. Now naked, she remains on the table while he licks her clit and then Nancy devours a mouthful of cock. She asks him to take her from behind, and they passionately fuck in a variety of positions in the kitchen -- without spilling the bottle of wine! Nancy knows that you are watching as she cums even harder. Wouldn't you love the chance to fuck Nancy?  XOXO, Colette

Date: Feb 07, 2017

Model(s): Nancy

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