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Tarde Espanola

49 Images at up to 4000 pixels

brunette medium  Addison Tarde Espanola

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Tarde Espanola = A Spanish Afternoon.

Which is exactly what Addison and Logan and enjoy on a beautiful and breezy day in Spain.

Addison had just broken up with her boyfriend and Logan steps in to take her mind off it.

After some oral pleasure and really passionate sex, it seems like these two may have become an item.

Watch her take him all the way down her throat and then enjoy her pleasure as he makes her come with his tongue and fingers. Next she rides him until she has another orgasm.

Finally, he finishes inside.

Ahh, an afternoon in Spain ~ doesn't it make you want to take a vacation?

HD Video coming tonight.

P.S. This was my first try shooting with a Phase One medium format camera (so be nice please....) XO ~ Love, Colette

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