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One Fine Day

brunette masturbation nude teen  Caprice One Fine Day

One Fine Day

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What's it like to spend a morning in bed with one of the most beautiful women in the world?

Experience it for yourself in this stunning high resolution photo series, featuring the one and only - Caprice.

Caprice stands in the doorway, gazing out at the ocean. A gentle tropical breeze whisps her auburn hair.

Her eyes meet yours, inviting you to follow her into the bedroom.

Caprice's manicured fingers run slowly across her perfect, perky breasts, gently teasing her nipples. She turns towards the bed, affording a passing view of her precious ass.

Caprice stretches her long, firm body across the bed. Her suntanned skin contrasts with the white cotton sheets.

Finally, her fingers find their way down... She begins rubbing her clit as she closes her eyes.

It's quite a sight to watch this beautiful girl giving herself so much pleasure!

Just as she's about to have an orgasm, Caprice pushes two fingers inside and spreads her pussy open with the other hand.

Is it too much to hope that a moment like this never ends?

Date: Feb 14, 2011

Model(s): Caprice

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